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URL, WEB SITE AND STORE FOR SALE. (Emmrod Company relationships are not part of this deal. If you are interested, please contact me regarding that aspect.)

Emmrod fishing poles are great products! But, it is time for me to move on. I have been liquidating poles and still have a few left. Email me if you would like to purchase some. (store is not functioning at the moment) They will be about $15 per pole less than normal retail. This is limited to my existing stock and subject to availability. When they are gone, they are gone. You can of course, continue to buy product through any of the other outlets out there. Buy several and I might be able to do a bit better.

The website and URL is also for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in buying and combination of the URL, the website and the store side (Subject to confirmation of ability to sell the store. As it goes w/ the URL, I do not expect a problem with that.)

The blog side is not included and I am keeping that. IF you are an Emmrod Dealer or Distributor, and would like to include any of my videos or blogs in the purchase, that is negotiable.

We offer Emmrod Casting Poles and Spinning Poles the World's Most Advanced Fishing Systems


  • Virtual indestructibility
  • Unparalleled sensitivity
  • Quick break-down feature
  • Extreme light weight construction
  • Low line friction and ergonomic designs
  • Casting distances comparative to 6 ft. graphite poles
  • Excellent for casting, spin casting, bait casting, trolling, ice fishing, fly fishing and dock shooting

Our Guarantee

We offer an exclusive 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and a generous One Year Warranty. We promise you will not be let down with our superior quality, druability and crafstmanship.

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  • This is the best equipment I've ever used
  • Compact, but just as much if not more action!
  • I would have gladly paid twice this much for my rod!
  • When I first saw it I laughed, now I'm convinced.