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  Currently we offer casting rods, spinning rods, and trolling rods. These rods are fabricated out of stainless spring steel which makes them very corrosion resistant and highly durable. A spring coil is formed in the rod to add flexibility and allows for sensitivity and action. The rods have the following sensitivity levels:


standard touch
2 lbs to 25 lbs
light touch
up to 10 lbs
casting light touch
up to 10 lbs
2-tip model
Up to 50 lbs.
Casting Standard Touch
up to 50 lbs

The Mountaineer model is designed with an articulating joint just behind the reel seat. This joint allows the user to adjust the handle portion (short or long) to any desired position within 180 degrees. This offers the consumer the ability to position the handle in a position that best fits their hand for a more anatomically correct fit.

 [Kayak King]

Both the Mountaineer and the Kayak King models are versatile in the sense that they allow the consumer to use one handle for various types of fishing. Both handles are designed to be able to mount a spinning reel on the bottom of the handle or by turning the handle over 180 degrees the user can mount casting or bait casting reels on the top of the handle. The Mountaineer model adds another level of flexibility as it is adjustable for a more comfortable feel while using any of the above reels. It also will double as a traditional model, similar to the Kayak King, by adjusting the handle into a straight position.

 [Kayak King]
[Mountaineer Casting]
[Kayak King Casting]

Balancing System:
The Mountaineer and Kayak King models are designed to allow the user to attach various combinations of weights to the butt end of the handle. These weights provide balance to the pole at any point on the handle the user chooses. By balancing the pole the user improves comfort and minimizes fatigue to the hand, arm, and shoulder. The weights are held in place by a removable handle butt cap.

Quick Release Quarter Turn Connection:
All handles and rods are designed with this connection mechanism. This connection by the turning of 90 degrees allows the user to quickly disassemble the rod from the handle for storage or for changing to another style of rod. The rod is pushed into the end of the handle where a spring is compressed allowing the handle to be rotated 90 degrees into locating slots. The spring then pushes the rod into position locking it in place.